Like other physical leisure activities, everyone knows that cycling is good for your health as it is already a form of exercise, and exercising can positively affect your physical health. However, this is not the only case since cycling or riding a bike can provide you additional benefits, not just on the physical aspect.

Below are eight cycling benefits that can alter your way of life positively.

Improved Brain Function

Studies show that exercising can significantly improve brain function, and can even help you avert your risks of having Alzheimer’s. Aside from that, it can also be very beneficial for kids since it has also been proven that cycling can positively impact their health, and can also help control problems like ADD.

Faster Recovery

A study has also concluded that patients that have suffered osteoarthritis and knee pain have improved their condition through cycling, which only proves that even if we age, spending the time to exercise can be greatly helpful for our health.

Better Heart Health

Cycling is can greatly improve your heart health. A study has been conducted and founded that among 1500 subjects, the people who were physically active has 31% lesser chances in developing high blood pressure.

Greater self-confidence and Self-Esteem

A study reveals that people find cyclists as people who are more intelligent and cooler than those who don’t, making them one of the top picks for a perfect blind date. Aside from that, cycling pays off for it can make you look fit and healthy, making you feel confident as ever. It can also stimulate a release of healthy and happy hormones, which can significantly improve your self-esteem.

Burn Fat Fast

It is not a surprise that weight loss is one of the best benefits that you can get if you ride a bike regularly. Media often saturate your options for weight loss only into dieting when in fact, exercise should also take place to make it happen effectively. Aside from that, studies also show that diabetic women that are older are only able to drop visceral fat if proper exercise and diet is incorporated into their routine, and this is also true for younger women.

Lowered Risk of Cancer

Exercising regularly, whilst keeping a proper diet and maintaining a healthy weight can all contribute to your mission of reducing your risks of cancer. Studies support this in their conclusions that men that have a healthy way of life have lesser risks in having lung and colorectal cancer.

A Longer Life

According to a study conducted to riders of Tour de France, it has been found that cycling increased the racer’s longevity by up to 17%. Another research suggests that even casual cyclists can potentially gain 3 to 14 months of life if compared to those who don’t.