It might appear to people who look from the outside in that cycling is simple, thinking that it only requires you to pedal. However, it can often come as intimidating and tricky. You might find yourself worrying about the proper gears, and such.

Before you put yourself in your first cycling adventure, here are the five essential tips that a beginner has to know before they hit the open road.

  1. The Right Bike

Naturally, you can’t get started on cycling if you don’t have a bicycle. There are a lot of kinds of bicycles that are out on the market, but we want to possess a bike that is suitable for the road. For beginners, this is the most accessible and common form of cycling. Lightweight bikes that have skinny tires and good riding geometry can help you navigate properly.

To select the best bike for you, you should make sure that it fits you and your size. To do this, you should stand over the top tube, and shoot for about 1 inch of clearance between the frame and your body. If you have difficulty doing this, a bike shop can help you.

  1. The Proper Gear

Having the perfect bike does not cover the whole equation for you also have to get yourself the essential gear. Buying a helmet should be one of your priorities, and you should always wear it when you’re on the road. You should also make sure that the helmet that you are buying meet safety standards.

There are a lot of stores that sell other cycling apparels and gears from jerseys, shorts, socks, and shoes. These items can help you ride better for they can regulate body temperature, provide you ease from chafing. You can also buy a better-padded seat to upgrade your bike to give you a more relaxed and comfortable seat.

You can also transition from using bike shoes and clipless pedals after you get used to using athletic shoes and flat pedals. With these, your pedaling efficiency and bike handling can be improved.

  1. Find Your Ride Style

As you spend more time cycling, you’ll discover your personal riding preferences and style. You will probably love cycling with a non-competitive group, or you might prefer going out solo or find yourself excited to try a race. No matter what, you will most likely find your way of enjoying cycling.

Through time, you may also develop your skill, and proceed to more challenging cycling adventures such as climbing or racing. The goal, however, is to make yourself be a well-rounded cyclist.

  1. Create a Habit

You might find your first few times difficult and tough, and this should not worry you that much since it is a natural response since your body is still adjusting and this should not discourage you from continuing. Real progress takes place when you keep on doing it.

To effectively make yourself get used to cycling, you should make yourself motivated and inspired to do it, but don’t overdo it. It’s better to start small and grow than to start big and fail to grow from it. Make goals, and achieve personal achievements in cycling. Or better yet, have a cycling buddy to inspire you more in going out to hit the road.

  1. Find a Group

Sometimes, internal motivation fails to put us into working to achieve our goals and with this, having a positive peer pressure can help you with that. Cycling is an activity that can be enjoyed individually or with a group. You can accomplish your goals solo; however, cycling with a group can make the activity easier and worthwhile!