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5 Items Every Mountaineer Needs

When mountaineering, you should always plan for the worse because you never know what you will need to survive in the wilderness. Weather can change at any moment, temperatures can drop, and your plans could easily go out the window. Along with the necessary knowledge...

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How to Release a Fish Safely?

The moment you acquire a fish on your hook, the greatest thing to do is to attempt to get the fish off the line as quick as possible. The longer the fish stays on or fighting on your line, the higher chance that it will not survive. Never allow the fish to stay longer...

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A Beginners Guide to Rock Climbing

Each year, having a healthier lifestyle is one of our objectives. However, we often end up completely failing or doing the bare minimum. Today, we decided to look for an activity that will go hand in hand with one that did not feel a lot like exercise and with our...

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5 Suggestions for a Safe Turkey Hunting

There are some accidents that occur during turkey hunting, which could have been be avoided if the involved tried to follow some easy safety precautions. Although each turkey season, a lot of hunters are injured or killed due to hunter’s unsafe actions. Turkey hunters...

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How to Eliminate Sore Muscles for Good

After a hard ride, feeling sore is pretty normal even if it is still occurring after a day or two after you have stopped cycling. Delayed onset muscle soreness indicates the achy sensation felt for about 24 up to 48 hours after the exercise. The cause of this...

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