The moment you acquire a fish on your hook, the greatest thing to do is to attempt to get the fish off the line as quick as possible. The longer the fish stays on or fighting on your line, the higher chance that it will not survive. Never allow the fish to stay longer than it actually requires. This will aid the fish to live longer and recover, which offers the following angler a chance to catch the fish.

Never touch the fish

If you have been fishing before, you are surely aware that there is a slimy coating on the outside of a fish’s body. It protects the fish from infection and diseases. The moment your hands touch the fish, it’s possible that the slime can be wiped away increasing the chance of that particular fish to acquire parasites or bacteria. You can only attempt to touch a fish’s body as little as possible.

Together with its slimy coating, it is always great to wet your hands before you handle the fish. Before you grab the fish, make sure to dip your hands in the water quickly since dry hands can help in eliminating more of the slimy coating of the fish.

Refrain from bending its jaw

The typical way of handling a fish is to shove your thumb in its mouth and use its lower jaw for leverage. The moment you hold the fish horizontally, chances are you can break or strain the jaw. Instead, you have to vertically hold it or you can utilize your hand to support the belly if the fish to make less stress.

Never throw the fish back

You have to handle a fish as gently as possible. Never throw or toss the fish on a wide distance. You do not need to be too delicate with it as well. But you should treat the fish with respect.