One of the most popular and easiest animal to hunt are squirrels, and doing it in the spring is a great way for you to have your hunting fix while it’s not yet deer hunting season. Aside from that, due to the nature of squirrel hunting, it would also be a great idea for you to bring your little ones with you.

  1. Timing

Squirrels naturally don’t go out when the sun is at its peak; thus, they usually appear at times when the sun is just going up or when it is going down. During the heat of the day, it would be challenging for you to hunt them.

  1. Shoes

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Also, since you will be moving around in stealth during hunting, it is important that you are wearing suitable shoes, one that won’t leave you with a blister at the end of the day. A pair of comfortable hiking shoes would suffice.

  1. The Creeks

Just like humans, squirrels also need water. Freshwater creeks provide them the water that they need. With this, it would be strategic for you to keep an eye on the creeks, especially in the afternoon.

  1. Weapon

For your weapon, you can either use a shotgun or a rifle for hunting squirrels. A .22cal rifle with scope is usually the most common picks, but what’s important is that you are comfortable and efficient with your weapon of choice.

  1. Look around the ground

Just like hunting in general, it’s always better if you keep watch and be vigilant for any movement. Squirrels are easily spotted if you stand still. Try looking for them in the trees, but don’t overlook at the ground also.

Squirrel hunting is a very fun and exciting outdoor activity for both young and old people. Make sure that you remember these essentials, and keep them in mind as you hit the woods.